How To Find The Right Chiropractor

More and more people are turning to chiropractors for help, but finding the right one is not always so easy.

Here are some tips on “How to find the right chiropractor”.

1)     References and Recommendations – Ask your medical doctor, co-workers, friends, and family for a recommendation.  If they recommend the same chiropractor, you may have found the chiropractor for you.  If you do not know of anyone who has used a chiropractor lately, look online and check the reviews.  Most sites have reviews; check out Yelp, Yahoo!, or Google.  Remember that one negative review does not mean that you should not call this chiropractor; but multiple negative reviews should be a warning, and multiple positive reviews should be an indication of the quality of service provided by the chiropractic office.

 2)     Experience with your health issue – It is important that a chiropractor meets your unique needs. Do they have the educational and practical experience to help with your health issue?  Do they have specialties, schooling, and accreditation to handle your concerns?  Can they provide references or examples of other patients who they treated with similar symptoms?  If so, you may have found your chiropractor.

3)     Accreditation and Reputation – You should check the accreditation of the prospective chiropractor. Each state has a Chiropractic Board of Examiners, and typically a website.  Check to be certain that the chiropractor in question has not received disciplinary actions against him or her. You should also ensure that any prospective chiropractor is accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education.

It is ok to ask where your chiropractor earned their degree, how many years they have been in practice, and if they are in good standing with all boards and regulations. If you have health insurance, you can ask if the chiropractor has had any complaints in the past. Additionally, to be cautious, you can ask a chiropractor for references from both former and current patients.

4)     Techniques/Methods – Find out what type of chiropractic techniques each chiropractor utilizes.  Some chiropractors adjust with their hands using a low force adjustment; others adjust in a much deeper manner.  Some use simple instrument manipulation to complete spinal adjustments.  Ask how long the sessions will last and how long treatment is required.  Ask yourself if you are ok with their techniques.

5)     Practical Issues – Even if a chiropractor seems like the perfect match, there are practical things to consider, because chiropractic care is a commitment to healing and often takes more than one visit.  How far away is the office?  Are their office hours convenient to you?  How long before you can get an appointment?  These practical questions can help you find the best chiropractor for your needs.

6)     Health Insurance or Payments – More and more health insurances are including chiropractic care as part of their coverage.   Check with your insurance company and verify that the chiropractor accepts that type of insurance.  If you do not have insurance or your insurance does not cover chiropractic procedures, ask about payment plans.

7)     Likability – Once you have chosen a chiropractor (as in any doctor), you need to be certain that you like and are comfortable with the doctor and the staff.  If not, keep looking for a qualified and caring chiropractor that you feel comfortable with. This is key in achieving successful treatment.

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