Chiropractors in Chelmsford, MA

I always thought that when I turned 50, my life would be less stressful, all truth be told I thought I would be sitting in some warm place in plaid shorts pretending to golf.  Well life didn’t turn out quite as I had planned and I find myself at 50 years old working long hours, caring for my aging mother and carrying not only the stress of the world on my shoulders, but 50 years of life on my back and all I can say is ouch!

I decided that I have a lot more life to do and to think of spending it with  back pain and discomfort was not the way I wanted to go through life.  So, I first called my primary physician who, no surprise prescribed me a pain reliever, which did help, but I also knew I didn’t want to spend the next 25 years taking Vicodin!

I decided all I needed was a massage and I would be right again!  I had received a gift for my birthday of a free massage, so it was time to try it!  Ouch!  It was a bit painful and did not provide the relief that I had hoped.

Upon my office mate’s suggestion (who appears to be a nutrition/herb savant!) and well, I can’t say suggestion, I must say nagging and  after verifying that my insurance covers chiropractic treatment;  I decided to try a chiropractor.  I live in Chelmsford, MA and there were quite a few Chelmsford Chiropractors to select from.

I checked out their sites and made the right decision.  I now visit “my” chiropractor on a regular basis and while I still have the stress of work and caring for a family and an aging parent, I can say that my pain has been relieved quite a bit.  I look forward to my chiropractic treatments and as I lie there I dream about the day when I am 60 (that target age keeps moving up as I get older!) when I can wear my plaid shorts and pretend to play golf … in less pain!

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