Is Marijuana Addictive?

Addiction can take many forms and is different from abuse. This is a major issue when it comes to the debate over marijuana use.

According to, marijuana is a green or brown leafy substance made up of leaves, seeds, and stems of the hemp plant. The active ingredient is THC, which quickly goes into the bloodstream and creates the laid back euphoria.

Psychology states that many people who ingest or inhale marijuana on a regular basis never shows classic signs of addiction including withdrawal, craving and tolerance. In essence, they can take or leave the drug, but that isn’t true for everyone.

There are some who are unable to stop using marijuana, develop a tolerance and use more than intended, according to, a website for The Canyon Rehabilitation Center. Whether these addictive behaviors are caused by emotional versus physical issues is still in debate.
The short answer is that for some, marijuana can be addictive and require addiction treatment.

It can be also abused. Abuse implies the drug is having a negative impact on the person’s life including problems with coworkers and family. A person can abuse a drug and not be addicted to it. Addiction requires the person to be unable to choose to stop. Their body compels them to continue the drug.

In the case of marijuana, there are cases of addiction, but it is not across the board. If you have any concerns or questions about addiction check out one of these addiction treatment centers.

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