The Health Benefits of Thai Food

There are many great health benefits of Thai food you can enjoy at a variety of Thai restaurants in your area or while traveling. You might love spicy Thai food options like pad thai or maybe you prefer milder options. Either way, you can enjoy the great taste and nutrition of Thai recipes in all sorts of ways.

One great dish you’ll find on virtually any Thai food menu is pad thai, a spicy stir-fried noodle dish . Another great dish is tom yum, which is a  spicy soup with herbs and seasonings . A third tasty option is best known in English as green chicken curry. This dish blends spicy and sweet elements of green curry chili paste, fish sauce, sugar and coconut milk.

One thing that makes Thai food so healthy is that it generally uses healthy oils and lean meats in their stir-fry options. There’s also a great variety of nutritious herbs and seasonings in the dishes:

- Tumeric: An anti-inflammatory agent
- Chili Peppers: Great sources of vitamin C
- Coriander: Treats infections and digestive issues
- Galangal: Boosts anti-inflammatory properties

All standard Thai restaurants use these elements in many dishes, making it easy to get a health boost from enjoying Thai food. Enjoy your own delicious health boost by visiting one of these authentic Thai restaurants.

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