The Basic Elements of Thai Cuisine

Thai restaurants are becoming more popular in the United States. Thai food is known for balancing sweet, sour, salty and bitter flavors inone harmonious dish. Rice, vegetables, fish and fresh herbs and spices are essential elements in Thai recipes. Thai food is often regarded as one of the most healthy cuisines in the world.

Each diner is served with an individual dish of plain rice at the beginning of a customary meal. This is a base upon which the dinner guest can construct a meal from the dishes ordered. The meal will often consist of a soup, a curry dish or spiced salad and a dip with accompanying fish and vegetables. Spicy Thai food dishes are balanced with more subtle sides to achieve a harmony of tastes. Thai food is most often eaten with a fork and spoon.

Thai food is known for its varied ingredients. Fresh-rather than dried-herbs and spices are preferred. Nam pla is a fish sauce that is a staple ingredient in most Thai dishes. Seafood is common, while the use of red meat is rare. Rice, noodles and vegetables make up most Thai dishes, and fruit is customarily served after the meal in Thai restaurants. Each meal focuses on balance, detail and variety.

For balance and detail in your next dining experience, contact one of these traditional Thai restaurants.

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