Common Japanese Dessert Items

Several Japanese food dishes are familiar to most people, such as sushi and sashimi, ramen noodles or tempura-fried foods. However, Japanese desserts can be a bit more daunting. Knowing a few common Japanese dessert items before going to a  Japanese restaurant will help decide what to order.

  1. Ice Cream and Mochi Ice Cream: Japanese desserts often entail a small dish of ice cream in flavors such as vanilla, mango or green tea. Mochi ice cream wraps a scoop of ice cream in sweet rice dough, similar to a dumpling.
  2. Coffee Jelly: Found in a lot of Japanese coffee shops, coffee jelly is a gelatin dessert with a strong coffee flavor. Coffee jelly is significantly stronger than Japanese coffee.
  3. Wagashi: Encompassing a large array of desserts, wagashi is a traditional dessert form that utilizes artistic styling to create. There is namagashi, which is a seasonal cake; manju, which is a steamed sweet bun; and monaka, which is an azuki bean mixture sandwiched between sticky rice wafers.
  4. Anko: Anko is made from sweet bean paste. The paste is wrapped up in one of a number of wrappers, including rice cakes, rolls or mini pancakes.

With a few common Japanese dessert items in mind, deciphering the menu options at your local Japanese restaurant will be less challenging

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