What is a sous chef?

When should I put the food in? What am I really good at cooking that guests will really like? Am I missing any key ingredients? These are some of the stress causing questions you may be asking yourself when preparing a meal for an event. Relieve some of that stress by hiring a top of the line, reputable personal chef! You should be able to enjoy your special event without worrying about whether the food is over or undercooked! But be aware that there is much thought that should go in to the hiring of a personal chef to ensure the very best service possible.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find a great personal chef service in your area because you will hear firsthand what those clients thought about their service. Start by asking your friends and family if they have ever hired a chef before for their event and listen carefully to what they say about quality of food, timing and costliness. If you do not know of anyone who has utilized these services, take to the internet! The internet will help you locate local companies that offer chef services and from there you can search reviews and feedback offered by prior clients. You should also visit their websites to see the quality of their page, as well as gain more information about each chef’s work. After reviewing a few in the area, you should make a list on reputable ones you are interested in learning more about.

Before you go ahead and hire the first executive chef you hear about, it is very important that you set up a time to sit down and talk with them. While much conversation can take place over the phone, it is wise to meet with the chef to talk about the food you want prepared, the costs and what equipment the sous chef will need (or if he/she will be bringing their own). Meeting with the chef will allow you to gain a better feel for their passion and types of meals they prefer to prepare.


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