Chef Excellence

While you may not be an executive chef or a sous chef for a private chef service, you may be the personal chef of your household! To be an excellent chef, it just takes persistence and practice in the kitchen. It also helps to have top quality cooking utensils. Whether you are feeding your family or friends or hosting a dinner at your home, you can be the best chef that your guests have ever encountered.

As the chef of your household, it is important to make sure you are adventurous but also stick to what your family members and guests like to eat. Look through recipes that contain ingredients that your hungry crowd has heard of before and work your way up to new ingredients and different types of cooking styles. Work on perfecting one or two dishes so that you will always have a fall back option to prepare.

Always be sure to listen to the feedback of those eating your meals and ask that they be brutally honest. They will be able to tell you what ingredients worked and which ones were overpowering. Do not take their opinions to heart as a personal attack but listen as it is constructive criticism that will help make you a better chef.

Practice makes perfect so continue working in the kitchen and trying new recipes as often as you can! Don’t be shy and don’t worry if the dish(es) doesn’t come out right the first time!

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