Five Questions to Ask Your Healthcare Provider Before Choosing Your Plan

Before you switch to a new health insurance plan, you should make sure it meets all your needs by asking a few simple questions:

1.) Will it cover any preexisting conditions?
Some policies will not cover medical conditions diagnosed before you signed up for the program. You might find that your new policy will only begin paying for your medical bills after you make payments for a specific period of time.

2.) Can you pick your own doctor?
A health insurance plan is practically worthless if you have no control over your healthcare. The company might follow an HMO plan, which limits your choices to doctors within that system.

3.) Does it cover any changes to your health?
Your new policy should cover any new medical conditions you might face in the future. Some health insurance providers will not cover pregnancy if you become pregnant after beginning your policy.

4.) Will it go where you go?
That is, what good is a plan if you can only visit doctors within your hometown? When you get a health insurance quote, ask if the policy covers any trips or vacations that you take.

5.) Can you afford the co-payments?
Many health insurance policies let you make a small co-payment when you visit a doctor or hospital. The best health insurance is one where you can afford to pay for any illnesses or injuries you might face.

If you feel ready to choose your healthcare insurance plan or have further questions or concerns, contact one of these health insurance providers.

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