Insuring Your Teenage driver

When your teen starts driving, it can mean significant increases in your auto insurance rates. Look at your current policy for any excess coverage you can eliminate. If possible, you can reduce your premium by increasing your deductibles for comprehensive and collision coverage.

Take advantage of any premium discounts that your insurance agent offers for your teen driver. If your student takes a driver education class or maintains high grades, your insurance agent may offer a percentage discount off your premium.

Choose The Vehicle
Look at the vehicle that you drive to determine if you should add your teen as an additional driver or buy a separate car. If you drive an expensive sports car, the vehicle insurance premium will be substantial. If you add a responsible sedan to your policy for your child, the rates may be lower due to the increased safety rating. Your insurance agent can recommend the best course of action based on the premium changes.

Separate Policies?
If your motorcycle insurance is with the same carrier as your auto insurance, you may notice that your premiums are significantly higher when you add a teen to the policy. Consider a separate policy for your teen if you do not want the rates for your motorcycle or trailer insurance affected.

Find the Best Rates
Shop around to several auto insurance companies for insurance quotes. You may be able to get a better rate with a different truck insurance company, saving your household hundreds of dollars in total premiums. Explain the importance of safe driving to your teen. Some auto insurance companies offer safe driving discounts for drivers who maintain an accident-free driving record.

Make sure that you speak with an auto insurance agent to get your car insurance quotes prior to signing up with any agency.  Call your local insurance agents today.

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