Basic Wedding Etiquette

Planning a wedding can sometimes feel like planning a major military operation. From the wedding invites to the wedding services, there are a thousand details to cover and never enough time to devote the kind of attention you really need. Wedding planners can be of some help, handling everything from the wedding supplies to making sure the wedding invites go out on time. Some decisions, usually those that demand a bit of finesse, require a personal touch and the use of basic wedding etiquette.

  • 1. Seating can make or break a wedding reception. When designing the chart, make certain you keep track of personal feuds and keep angry parties far apart. Seat elderly guests away from loudspeakers, and make certain your low-mobility guests are placed at tables that don’t need to be moved when the music starts.
  • 2. Make time for the receiving line. It’s a traditional task that ensures a good photo op for guests and gives you a chance to personally thank guests for attending.
  • 3. Spring for an open bar, but have the bartenders watch the guests’ alcohol intake, cutting off those they think may have had a bit too much.
  • 4. Take full advantage of wedding planner services. While you’re trying on wedding dresses, your planner can be collecting samples of everything from tablecloths to appetizers, saving you both time and stress.
  • 5. Make sure to send a wedding invitation to both sets of parents as a souvenir of the event.
  • 6. Have everyone participating in the wedding ceremony at the rehearsal to make sure everyone knows how things are meant to proceed. This is the last chance you’ll have for wedding planning, so take advantage.
  • 7. Feed the band at the reception, and send the gifts to the bride’s home before the wedding to keep them out of the way at the reception.

Whether the event is a small, intimate occasion or a large affair for hundreds of guests, planning your wedding carefully and following a few etiquette guidelines should allow for a smooth, joyous day.


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