The Best Locations for Outdoor Family Portraits

A family portrait can be a beautiful addition to home décor, a thoughtful gift for relatives or a cherished keepsake. Whether you are taking on this photography project yourself, a client or friend or are hiring a professional photographer for your own portrait, it is important to choose an appropriate location for the shoot.

If you would prefer to have family portraits taken outside of a studio, here are some guidelines for selecting the perfect place:

  • Choose a location that is attractive but simple. Photographers will be shooting the family, not the setting, so do not choose a location that will be too busy or overpowering. At the same time, a solid-color wall will likely be too bland, especially for casual photos.
  • Consider the tone of the photos. Outdoor shoots are usually not as formal as studio shoots. Choose a setting that matches the family’s personality and interests.
  • Get creative. Popular locations include parks, backyards, front porches and outside of old buildings-but don’t be afraid to hit the beach, the dock or the deck of a boat.
  • Make sure lighting is appropriate for the best photo quality. Try not to choose locations that are two shady or too bright, and schedule an outdoor photo shoot either in the morning or around sunset for the best lighting.
  • If seniors or young children are involved in the shoot, be sure to provide seating for them and to choose a location where it will not be difficult for them to walk around.
  • Select a location that is meaningful to the family. Be sure to consider functionality, but taking photos outside of the family home or in the backyard can add an extra personal touch to family portraits.

Choosing a good location before you begin helps ensure that your family photography project will be successful. Find the right location for your next photo shoot by contacting one of these professional photography studios.

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