Five Rental Must-Haves in Case of Bad Weather

Whether you spend weeks or months planning a special event, you might forget to take into account the risk of bad weather. A sudden storm can ruin your party, but when you arrange for party rentals, you can keep your guests safe.

1.) Tents: A tent is one of the most important things you can have on hand for bad weather. The canvas or plastic covering will provide space for your guests to mingle and eat without worrying about the rain falling outside.

2.) Side panels for tents: If you decide to rent one or more tents, talk to the party rental company about renting side panels. These do not typically come with tent rentals. The block rain from reaching your guests in windy conditions.

3.) Dance floor: When a sudden rainstorm reaches your party, the rain can turn a green lawn into a muddy sinkhole within hours. A rental dance floor will cover the mud and let your guests walk freely without sinking.

4.) Chairs and chair covers: Bad weather might turn upholstered chairs into soggy seats, so no one will sit down. Chair covers protect chairs until you can get the furniture under the tent.

5.) Lighting: Even if you throw your party in the middle of the day, bad weather might lead to dark conditions. When you contact party rental services, ask about renting lights. These party rentals will keep the space bright and well-lit regardless of the storm.

Be prepared for any weather by ordering tents or dance floors from one of these party rental services in your area.

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