How Much Food Do You Need for Your Event?

One of the biggest concerns most people have when hosting an event is whether or not they will have enough food for all their guests. This is when hiring a trustworthy catering company can help you. You do not want to leave your guests hungry, but you also do not want to have wasteful leftover food. Here are some questions to consider while determining how much food you will need for your event.

1) How many appetizers should I order?

One rule of thumb is to have about three pieces of each appetizer per person. Although if you are offering wings, the number should be slightly higher because there are often many wing fanatics who will eat more than three in one serving.

2) Which meal will be served?

You should also consider the timing of your event. If you are having the event at a major meal time, you are going to need more servings than if you were having it in between meals. Breakfast events should have a little bit of everything but if you select fruits, proteins and baked goods, your guests will generally leave happy. During mid-day or afternoon events, you want to make sure you don’t overfill your guests because they will then want to engage in a nap rather than partake in the social graces of the event. Dinner events require the most food because guests will generally arrive hungry.

3) What kind of guests will be eating?

Now it is time to think about your guests. Children eat about half of an adult portion usually, while teenagers tend to take a lot of food and continue to eat until they are fully satisfied. Adults eat the most, particularly adult men. Senior citizens eat the least amount. So take in to consideration the number of each age bracket when thinking about how much to order.

4) How many servings should I order?

Catering companies generally have a menu selection that tells you how many servings come with each dish. This will help you in calculating how many of each dish you will need to host the perfect event. You should also discuss your concerns and event with the caterer because they will be able to make accurate suggestions.

For additional questions about pricing and sizing of the catering for your next event, contact one of these catering companies in your area.

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