What Can and Cannot Be Recycled

Recycling lets everyone help take care of the environment through smart waste management. You can recycle many different types of products. Recycling waste found at work, at school or in your home can save money on waste disposal and trash services. Large roll-off dumpsters can be replaced to reduce hauling costs. Trash removal companies may then pass these savings along to customers.

You cannot recycle all goods, but many of the items used at work can be recycled easily. These include paper, empty plastic containers and electronic equipment. Businesses can also recycle large goods that may incur costs from hauling services or junk removal companies that consumers may not wish to pay. Desks, cubicle equipment and metal cabinets fall into this category.

School and home recycling often share similar options for recycling. Collect used paper from schoolwork or drawings in boxes, and take them to recycling centers. Food waste can be donated to local mulch centers, and you can drop metal cans or plastic bottles off at local recycling centers. Debris removal companies can help you recycle yard waste and larger items that a local rubbish removal company might not take. Smart waste management practices let you cut down on waste and dispose of it responsibly whether you’re at home, school or work.

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