Eco-friendly Trash Removal

At first glance, eco-friendly trash removal can sound impossible or expensive. However, with some effort, you can create a waste management plan that benefits the environment without breaking into your budget.

Electronics are a serious concern when it comes to safe waste disposal. Many municipal trash removal programs do not provide hauling services or junk removal for electronics since the toxic chemicals can contaminate an entire waste stream. Instead of using standard trash services, check with an electronics store to see if they accept old devices for recycling.

Separating your trash can improve your ecological mark considerably. Instead of tossing everything into roll off dumpsters or setting it out for rubbish removal, devise a way to remove recyclable objects first. Use two bins-one for garbage and one for recycling-to make trash day easier.

When it comes to natural waste, like food scraps, tree branches and grass clippings, make a compost pile instead of leaving bags out for debris removal. While hauling it away is easier, you can use the compost for a garden or give it away to local farmers.

Once you work eco-friendly waste management practices into your daily routine, they will become less of a chore and more of a habit.


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