Tips for Choosing the Right TV Provider

So it’s time to choose a new or better cable TV provider. How do you get the most for your money? There are a few questions to consider:

1.)    What are your options? In some areas, you will have two basic choices; the local cable provider and satellite TV providers. Other areas may have several cable companies such as Dish Network, Dish TV and so forth. To narrow down your choices, consider …

2.)    What channels and/or other services you want. If you are just looking for local news and a few main broadcast channels, compare the basic packages of different cable TV providers. If you want telephone and internet, you may be able to get all services bundled for a lower price.

3.)    Consider the reputation of the companies you might sign up with. Checking for online reviews, and asking neighbors and friends are both great ways to ascertain the reputation of a provider.

4.)    If you have multiple providers in your area, you may be able to strike a deal. If one company offers a lower rate, but you prefer another because of their choices or reputation, ask them to match or come closer to their competitor’s price. Many times consumers will find success this way. Finally,

5.)    When comparing prices, make sure you get the eventual cost, meaning the total. Ask about charges for boxes, DVRs and taxes. If you get an introductory rate, find out how long it will last and what your price will be after.

When you do a little homework and comparison shopping, you will be able to find the package that fits your family, at the best price available.

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