The Basics of Internet Television

Did you miss the last episode of one of your favorite shows? Is your cable TV out? Here are the basics of Internet television to get you going. There are several benefits and a few drawbacks to watching the tele online; among the benefits:

You can watch on demand, when you are ready the shows and episodes of your choice. This means you can go on a Seinfeld or Thirty Rock kick (the cozy blanket and big bowl of ice cream is an option as well). If your friends are talking about a show you have never seen, you can spend the evening catching up, something most cable and satellite TV companies don’t enable.

You can discover new shows that cater to your interests. Many Internet television providers have a feature that suggests shows you may like according to what you have already viewed, some asking you to rate what you have watched in order to tailor its recommendations.

There are in general fewer commercials as well. This is pretty much a plus, except you will miss the latest movie trailers, and the funny commercials that become a part of our comedy culture and common experience. Would life be the same without Mr Whipple admonishing us not to squeeze the Charmin? It seems we are about to find out…


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