When to Replace or Repair Your Television

There are few things more annoying than sitting down to watch your favorite TV show and realizing that your television isn’t working properly. Some problems can be resolved at home, but it may be necessary to visit an electronic repair specialist for more complicated issues or to even replace your television. Here are some guidelines to judge whether you should be considering calling a TV repair service, or pricing out a new set.

When to Repair

  • The most common problems with television sets occur with the display. If your screen is not displaying colors properly, is dimming or is burnt out, TV repairs will likely be needed.
  • Speakers and sound systems may break down over time. If they are internal, get a specialist to look at them.
  • More recent, advanced television sets can contain computer components that can malfunction. This will usually require a trip to the shop.
  • Issues with cables can often be fixed by replacing the broken component, but be sure to consult your local electronic repair shop to ensure you purchase the right one.
  • For minor problems, check out your television manufacturer’s website or the manual for troubleshooting first.
  • Remember that televisions are very high-voltage devices. Never try to fix internal components without the guidance of a technician. If the problem requires opening up the set, it is best to seek repair services.

When to Replace

  • Electronic repair can be very expensive. TV repair services often cost upwards of $500, and more for plasma screen sets.
  • A good rule of thumb to follow is to replace your device if the repair will cost more than half of the value of a new one.
  • An LCD television display is built to last about 40,000 hours, but if it breaks down after your warranty is expired, it can be very costly to fix. In this case, it may be more reasonable to replace your set. Be sure to consider an extended warranty if you replace your old television with a new one.

To speak with a television repair specialist about issues with your TV, contact one of these electronic repair providers.

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