My Computer is Running Slow. What Could Be Wrong?

When a computer begins to run slow, your first thought may be to take it to a computer repair shop. Before you invest time and money into PC repair services, here are a few reasons why your computer is operating sluggishly.

Having too many programs that open when the computer starts up is a common reason for a slow-running computer. Some programs operate in the background, so you may not be aware that they are running. Go into your computer system’s control panel and delete all of the unnecessary programs listed in the startup folder. This will allow your computer to boot up and run faster.

Another common problem that leads to a slow-running computer is malware. If you download files from the Internet, you may have inadvertently installed a virus, spyware, malware, or other type of malicious program on your computer. Update your antivirus program and scan your computer with it. Antiviral software typically has a virus-removal program built in and should automatically delete or quarantine any threats that it finds.

If you find that the problem is beyond your level of expertise, it may be best to take your PC to a computer repair or laptop repair shop for further assistance.

When you find that you need to clean up your computer, find yourself a quality PC repair expert today.

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