What to Ask Your Window Replacement Contractor

Replacing windows can be a major event in the refurbishing of your home or a minor annoyance in the case of broken panes of glass. Many states require window installation professionals to obtain a permit or license, and knowing what to ask your contractor prior to installation can save you money and potential legal hassles in the near future.

Ask your contractor if their company is licensed, bonded or have received permits enabling them to replace windows in your state. Some states do not require certification, but many businesses will still obtain state bonds to protect their business from any damage that occurs during the installation process. Contractors who willingly pursue licensing, bonding and the appropriate permits are operating on a very professional level.

Performance Ratings
Verify the Energy Star ratings of the new windows with the contractor. The United States Government provides performance ratings on most replacement windows for home window installation and this rating indicates the efficiency of the windows at preventing the transmission of heat and cold. This directly translates into savings you can expect to see on your heating or cooling bills. Professional window repair and replacement contractors should be very familiar with this program.

Request Your Quote
Request a quote that includes expected labor, materials and all other foreseeable costs prior to accepting the services of the contractor. This should include any fees for glass replacement, expected repairs to the area around the window itself and surcharges for fuel or other ancillary expenses. Also, request a time estimate and obtain a written copy of these estimates from the contractor.

If you are tired of your old windows or have cracked, drafty window panes, it may be time for you to get glass replacement.  Make sure you follow all of these points of application prior to choosing a window installation contractor.

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