What Is the Difference Between Water Damage and Flood Damage

In the world of insurance and home ownership, “water damage” is a dirty phrase. It is second only to the words “flood damage.” Both are disastrous occurrences that can potentially cause some very expensive damage to the home. However, one type of damage is more manageable than the other. Once you know the difference, you can gauge the extent of the problem before the insurance assessors arrive.

Flooding occurs in low-lying areas after heavy rain or large amounts of snow melting. The water permeates the home and affects each level as the water rises. Water damage, however, is caused by water leaks. Another difference is that flood damage is considered an act of nature while water damage is caused by a mechanical failure or hole inside or outside of the home.

The cost of repairs is the most important difference to your insurance company. Flood damage usually encompasses whole levels of the home, from the foundation to the attic. This is much more expensive to fix than water damage which is usually limited to one area or room in the home. Water damage is usually an isolated, cheaper fix.

When faced with water damage, water extraction should be the second step you take after contacting the insurance company. Water damage remediation can be costly, so gather estimates as you look for a company to help. With flood damage, government funding may come into play. In the event of any type of water damage, consult your homeowner’s insurance agent immediately.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for water extraction services, contact one of these local water damage restoration specialist companies.

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