How to Safely Remove a Tree Stump from Your Yard

If you have a tree that has fallen or been cut down, you may want to remove the stump with a tree service. The process can be difficult to do yourself, so you’ll want to employ the easiest method of tree stump removal, if you put this project on your to-do list.

If the tree hasn’t been cut down, you can use the trunk as a lever. Using this method, you’ll leave enough of the trunk to push against, causing the roots and base to lift out of the ground. A stump grinder may be easier for trees with large root systems, like pine trees.

Tree removal can also be completed by hand digging. This is best for small and shallow-rooted trees, since you can simply separate the roots from the ground. For large and difficult tree stumps, you can choose a chemical method. Chemicals are available that make the tree stump rot more quickly, allowing it to break down over time.

One last tree removal method you can try is fire. You can take scrap wood and place it around the stump, using it to light a fire on top of the stump. Over time, the stump will dry and burn. You can call a tree service to remove your tree stump, or you can try a DIY method.

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