Waterless Hot Water Tanks

As Americans turn to becoming more “green” and environmentally friendly, it is important that the plumbing industry utilize energy efficient products. One of these great, eco-friendly products is the waterless hot water tank.

Hot water tanks waste gallons of water and energy throughout the day because they heat and store water even when the water is not being used. Waterless hot water tanks save on energy and water because they only heat water when it is needed!

Here are the reasons to switch to a waterless hot water tank:

  • Cut back on energy costs – your tank will not be heating water until it is ready to be used
  • Enjoy hot water endlessly – water will always be heated right when you need it
  • Save space – waterless hot water tanks are much smaller in size than traditional water heaters
  • Avoid rusty water – waterless hot water tanks are less likely to rust because water is not being stored inside for long periods of time

If you have not called your professional plumber yet, do so now! Not only can these tanks lead to a more energy efficient home, they will help you cut back on your bills by a large percentage.

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