How to Maintain Conveyors

Conveyors are a type of industrial equipment widely used in material handling industries and often integrated with pallet racking and lift table systems. They play an important role in a company’s ability to efficiently move products around. Maintenance of these handling systems will thus be of a high priority to you if they feature in your company’s operations.

The mechanics behind conveyors, though simple, require adequate care and maintenance. This ensures the safety, efficiency and productivity of the system. Possessing a material handler that is thoroughly maintained will ensure that your company enjoys higher productivity and lower costs.

There are essentially two main types of maintenance when it comes to conveyers: predictive and corrective maintenance. Predictive maintenance seeks to prevent a breakdown from occurring and includes conducting regular inspections and changing worn-out parts. Corrective maintenance occurs when the system has already failed during operation. This is disruptive to the workflow in a company, but continuing to operate the failed system might prove to have more disastrous effects.

Some conveyors are integrated with an automatic belt washer. The washing mechanism works by injecting detergent and spraying water and will only operate when the conveyor is moving. Investing in such industrial equipment might be a valuable aid in maintaining your conveyor system.

In the end, what is important on your part is vigilantly monitoring your conveyor system and correcting any faults when necessary. This will ensure a greater cost-benefit outcome.

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