What Does a General Contractor Do

A general contractor is in charge of all aspects of a construction job. From hiring subcontractors to securing building permits, general contractors are responsible for managing entire projects. Whether you are preparing to renovate your home or a build commercial property, a licensed general contractor can help ensure that your project goes as planned.

When you hire a general contractor, he or she becomes your contact person for everything that is going on with the project. Part of this job entails finding and hiring the subcontractors that will actually complete the labor for the project. General contractor services also include scheduling the subcontractors’ hours, creating a budget and sending out paychecks.

It is also the general contractor’s job to make sure that the construction adheres to local laws and regulations. Your general contractor will secure the required permit and talk to local officials as needed. He or she is also responsible for being there during the building’s inspection.

If your general contractor is design-oriented, he or she may even help you select the design elements for your project. He or she can offer you a second pair of eyes, and introduce you to design contacts who are experts in their fields.

Now that you know what a general contractor does, you will have a better idea of what to expect when hiring one for your construction project.

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