Common General Contractor Services

When you need home improvement work or construction done, a general contractor is often the first person you call. General contractors typically offer quite a few different services, so you will need to specify the tasks you need completed.

Here is a breakdown of some of the common services a general contractor may offer:

  • Organizing large residential or commercial building or remodeling projects. General contractor services cover many different types of construction tasks, and a licensed general contractor can take on any sized project.
  • Coordinating and hiring specialty contractors. A general contractor has the knowledge and connections to choose the right person for each task in your building project, from major renovations to general repair tasks.
  • Handling paperwork involved in retail or commercial construction projects. A general contractor can legally sign paperwork related to permits, insurance, and other aspects of a building project.
  • Working directly on some types of building projects. Different types of building tasks require different licenses, so if a general contractor has a license to do these specific tasks, such as engineering, general building, or masonry, he or she can perform these tasks instead of hiring a separate subcontractor.

As you can see, no matter what repair, remodeling, or building tasks you need accomplished, a general contractor has the skills and knowledge to assemble a team of professionals to get your construction job done quickly and efficiently.

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