Installing a Garage Door Opener

It is late at night and it is dark and raining.  You are finally home, but you have to get out of the car and run to the garage door to open it.  You have had it, it is time to install a garage door opener!

Once you decide you want the added convenience of an automatic garage door, you must choose between a complete garage door replacement or the addition of an automatic door opener to your existing door. Garage door prices can be costly and most people choose the door opener addition to save money.

At this point, you can choose to call in a garage door contractor who will handle the installation for you, or you can choose to do the project yourself. Hardware, home improvement, and department stores sell complete garage door opener kits. If you have ever been involved with a garage door installation or if you understand the basics of garage door repair, the installation of the door opener is likely something you can do yourself. A person who is comfortable with this type of mechanical installation can typically complete the job in approximately three hours.

Installing a garage door opener is not a task for a beginner, however. Even a particularly handy person can have trouble understanding the instructions. Every manufacturer’s product is different and comes with a different set of directions. Generally, the installation involves the following:

1. Assembling a tube or track that runs from the top of the door to the power unit
2. Mounting a header bracket on the wall above the door
3. Hanging the power unit from the center of the garage ceiling
4. Connecting a bracket to the garage door
5. Mounting a push button control for the door on the wall
6. Placing and adjusting an electric sensor system

There are three different types of garage door openers: chain, belt, and screw. Each type has its own installation process. Garages can also have structural issues that can make installation difficult. It often makes more sense to have a professional handle the installation, even if it increases your overall garage door costs. Garage doors can be dangerous if not installed properly, and an investment in professional installation can prevent damage to your car or personal injury.

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