How to Restore Hardwood Floors

Restoring hardwood floors is a labor of love. Often, you can look at the wood floors under your old carpet or linoleum and just imagine what the hardwood flooring would look like in pristine condition. Unfortunately, there is a reason why people choose to put floor coverings on top of wood floors.

Hardwood floors can be difficult to maintain and restore. Restoring wood floors yourself depends on your ability to get the sanding right. Sanding is very messy business, and many people prefer to hire a professional company that specializes in hardwood floors repair, since they often use screening or chemical refinishing that does not require sanding.

Hiring a professional company will likely cost more than triple the cost of doing the floors yourself. If you want to save money, the supplies and equipment to do the job yourself are available at most hardware or home improvement stores. You will also find a wealth of advice and instruction available over the Internet to walk you through the job. Restoring your hardwood floors is not a complicated process, but it is a lot of work.

The following are the basic steps to restore hardwood floors:

1. Clean the floors, and remove any nails or other obstructions.
2. Fill in gaps and cracks in the wood with wood putty.
3. Sand the floors with a drum sander that is fitted with coarse grit sandpaper.
4. Do a second pass with the drum sander fitted with medium grit sandpaper.
5. Check again for gaps and cracks in the wood, and fill them with putty.
6. Do a final pass over the floors with the drum sander fitted with fine grit sandpaper.
7. Use a palm sander to feather the perimeter of the floors.
8. Vacuum the floors and the surrounding area.
9. Buff the floors using a buffer machine fitted with a fine abrasive screen.
10. Stain and finish the floors according to your preferences.

For questions or concerns about completing your hardwood floor restorations, contact one of these hardwood flooring companies.

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