The Basics of Ceiling Fan Installation

A ceiling fan in a house serves two useful functions: temperature control and decoration. It helps keep the living room warmer during winter and cooler during summer. If you want to install one in your house, you can either hire an electrical contractor to do the job for you or be the electrician yourself.

Choosing the location of your ceiling fan is an important consideration. Most people prefer to have the ceiling fan installed at the center of the room for two reasons: to allow a smoother air flow throughout the house and for easy connection to the electrical lighting fixture. As for wiring, you can wire the ceiling fan to the nearest lighting hookups.

The basic steps involved in ceiling fan installation are as follows:

          1. Account for all the Parts
         2. Remove the old fixture
         3. Install the fan blades
         4. Mount the covering to the motor assembly
         5. Install the base plate to the outlet box
         6. Mount the assembled blades to the fan motor
         7. Install the light kit
         8. Finishing touches

Following the steps outlined above very carefully, along with the right tools, complete materials, and precise guidance, should take the installation job not more than two hours to complete.

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