How to Install Drywall DIY

Are you ready to re-do the drywall in your home?  You can become your own drywall contractor by taking a do-it-yourself approach to drywall installation. Installing drywall can be quick and easy as long as you learn the basics of how to install drywall before you start.

The first step is to measure the area where your new drywall will go, so you have an idea of how many sheets you’ll need. You will want to include extra sheets in this count to accommodate for possible errors. Once you have your measurements, you can order residential drywall sheets from home improvement stores and have them delivered to your home.

The next step is to cut your sheets. You’ll want to do this on a dry, level surface, so you can make exact measurements and cuts. To save time, you can measure and cut all sheets before you start. If you want to limit possible mistakes, you can cut each sheet as you work. Leftover sheets can be used for drywall repairs later on.

Once your sheets are cut, you can hang them on walls and ceilings. Drywall can be hung vertically or horizontally. You will want to choose the installation that utilizes as many joints as possible. Install the drywall ceiling before you work on the walls.

To finish your installation, use drywall mud and apply several layers along the seams. After the first layer of mud, apply drywall tape to the joints and smooth the tape into the mud to create a smooth finish. You will want to apply another layer of mud on top of the tape. Once the final layer has dried, you can sand everything to smooth away bulges and creases. By doing the installation yourself, you can avoid the expense of hiring a professional drywall contractor.

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