Types of Doors

Replacing a door isn’t difficult. The actual process doesn’t take long at all. However, before you replace a door in your house, you need to decide what type of door you want to buy. With so many options available, this isn’t always an easy decision to make. Knowing exactly what your options are, and the benefits of different styles, makes the process easy.

  • Slab Doors: This is your common, standard door. While it’s not fancy, you have the option to buy one that’s flat or one that has detail. You can also customize it by adding glass paneling. These are good options if you’re looking for interior doors.
  • French Doors: A set of French doors allows more light to enter your home. The two-door panels swing in or out to open. When you shut them, they lock in the middle. Just make sure you have enough room for both doors before you buy them. They have to sit side-by-side. French doors work well if you need exterior doors that open out onto a deck or balcony.
  • Sliding Doors: The alternative to French doors, sliding doors slide past one another to open.
  • Dutch Doors: A Dutch door has a horizontal split that allows you to open the top half of the door while keeping the bottom half closed.

It’s a great way to let fresh air enter your home while keeping pets inside. However, you need to make sure that weather stripping is properly installed or you could be facing higher-than-average heating bills during the cooler months.

Call a reputable door company to find out what door is right for you!

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