How to Prepare Your AC for the Summer

You can avoid costly AC repair bills by properly preparing your central air-conditioning unit for summertime duty. Although your AC unit will need annual professional maintenance, there are various tasks that you can undertake yourself to make sure your air-conditioning system runs efficiently and effectively when you start it up on that first hot day of summer.

A central AC system has two main components: an outdoor condenser unit and an indoor evaporator unit. The following steps will help prevent unwelcome AC repair issues when cool air is needed the most:

  • 1. Turn off the power to the outdoor AC condenser.
  • 2. Clean or replace the condenser filters.
  • 3. Remove the condenser unit cover and clean the condenser fan using a coil brush or a vacuum.
  • 4. Trim bushes and shrubs so they remain at least 18 inches away from the condenser unit.
  • 5. Check the coolant lines that run from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit for any kinks or leaks.
  • 6. Remove dirt and dust from the duct outlets and registers around the house.
  • 7. Evaluate the insulation around ducts, windows, and doors that prevents cool air from escaping. Seal any gaps.
  • 8. Hire a professional AC repair company at least once a year to service the coolant system, check the oil fans, and make sure the electrical system is operating properly. It is a good idea to get the professional part of your air-conditioning repair and maintenance done in the off-season.
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