Choosing the Best Paper for Your Print Job

The paper you use for printing can have a big impact on the way the printed document looks. When you use a printing company to handle your digital printing needs, you will be required to select a paper type. By choosing the right paper, you can ensure your custom printing job has the best possible colors and clarity.

1.) Ask the print shop for its recommendations. Your representative will take into consideration the size of your document, the bleed area and the colors used. Based on that information and the technical capabilities of its printing equipment, it will give you a list of options. Most printing businesses will give you samples of each paper type.

2.) Consider how the final document will be used. If you are printing a brochure, for example, glossy photo printing paper might be impractical because of the potential for fingerprints. Think about the end user and how he or she will interact with the document and where it will be used.

3.) Ask the business that is providing printing services to give you a quote for your top three choices. Prices can vary dramatically based on the paper manufacturer, weight and quantity. Based on that information, choose a paper option that fits within your budget.

When you select the best paper for your document, it will come out of the printing press looking crisp and professional. For more information about the best paper choice for your next printing project, contact one of these printing services.

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