How to Market Your Business Without Breaking Your Budget

When you are an entrepreneur, you need to be conscious of every penny you spend. But marketing your business doesn’t need to be expensive. Instead of embarking on a pricey advertising campaign, ask a business consultant for┬ásome low-budget marketing ideas or try some of the suggestions below.


*Expand your online presence. Invest some time in creating an engaging website that customers will look to for information and support. You should include a frequently updated blog that keeps customers coming back, and you can also set up a forum and email list to make customers feel like part of a community. Social media is huge, too, so make sure you have an up-to-date profile on all of the sites that your customers use.

* Engage with your local community. Volunteer your company’s services for prominent local events to make a name for yourself in your community. Some ideas include offering free business coaching to youth interested in entrepreneurship, donating goods or services as charity contest prizes or for charity auctions, and participating as a sponsor at small community events.

* Let your existing customers advertise for you. Encourage your customers to refer a friend by offering discounts for each referral. You should also reward good customers by adding them to an exclusive mailing list that gives them special access to promotions and deals. A consulting firm can help you set up special deals that only your best customers can access.

Finding new creative ways to market your business can also be a team building exercise, so engage your employees in coming up with new strategies. You can also schedule a session with a business consultant to learn even more effective ways to market yourself without spending a lot of money.

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