Shopping for Affordable Blinds

Blinds, curtains, shutters, drapes and window treatments can save you from high energy costs year-round and add a touch of elegance to your home. Affordable blinds are available from many retailers, but finding the right fit for your house and lifestyle may prove challenging.

  • Determine your preference for the overall appearance of the blinds or draperies prior to making a purchase. This choice includes color, size and movement mechanisms. Colors can range from traditional white and tan variations to pink, blue, black or even multicolored versions. Carefully fitted blinds should cover the entire window without allowing any direct sunlight through when closed. Movement mechanisms range from pull strings to adjustment bars.
  • Consider both the price and the required amount of upkeep for the style of blinds chosen. Inexpensive blinds may be made of cheap aluminum or fragile plastics that require constant dusting or break easily. Look for flexible materials that resist dust and normal household debris. Efficient home window covers should offer easy cleaning with just a wet cloth.
  • Keep alternative options in mind. Pull-down window shades lack the adjustable nature of blinds, but provide more protection and often require less maintenance than slotted blinds. Window tinting and other treatments may cost more, but allow you eliminate maintenance by combining your window-cleaning with spot-checks on the treatment. Remember the value you place on your time; exceptionally inexpensive options may lead to additional costs over time.


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