Towing – It’s No Laughing Matter

We just couldn’t resist a little levity today!

Here’s a pretty funny joke about a tow truck driver.

This tow truck driver was really tired, and pulled into a diner, and just ordered a cup of coffee. While sitting at the counter, a group of bikers pulled in, started acting rowdy, spilled his coffee, made fun of him, and tried to pick a fight with him. He just got up, paid for his coffee ,and walked out and drove off. One of the other customers said to the waitress: “My, that tow truck driver wasn’t much of a man, was he?” The waitress said: “No. and he’s not much of a driver either, he just ran over six motorcycles”


And a post from about a sign for a towing company:

“We don’t charge an arm and a leg. We want tows.


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