Being Prepared for a Car Accident

Being in an  automobile accident is a stressful and tense situation that often leaves individuals wondering what to do and who to call.  Staying calm and following these steps can help when an accident occurs.

1) Be prepared!  While you never know when an accident will occur, being prepared with an accident emergency kit and help during this nerve wracking situation.  The kit should include:

a) The name and phone numbers of family members, auto clubs, doctors, etc.

b) The name and phone number of a local reputable towing company.

c)  Any medical information that would help first aid respondents.

2) Accessing the Situation.  Again, stay calm, assess the immediate situation and whether or not any injuries may have occurred.

3) Call the local police, as well as other emergency vehicles if necessary. Having the police there will allow the accident to be documented which is needed by all insurance companies.

4) You will need to have your insurance policy and information with you, so it is wise to leave a note card with the information in your car at all times.

5) Share your insurance information with the other party or parties involved.

6) Most cell phones have a camera, take pictures of the condition of all vehicles and passengers if possible.

5) If your car won’t start or is too damaged to move, you need to call the local towing service company that you have in your accident preparedness kit.

No one expects to be in a car accident, but if you are prepared with emergency information and the number of a tow company, the experience will less traumatic.


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