Should I Sell My Car to an Auto Dealer or a Cash-for-Cars Company?

Cash-for-cars companies and auto dealers are both excellent ways to sell your used car before buying a new one. However, the type and condition of your car, as well as the circumstances under which you are selling it, affect where you will receive the best offer.

Should I Buy My Car at the Same Place I Sell My Car?
If you are selling a car to finance the purchase of a new car, trading in your used car might be the best option. You can negotiate the offer for your trade-in just like you can negotiate the price of your new car. Also, if your state charges sales tax on cars, you may only have to pay tax on the difference between the value of your trade-in and the sale price of your new car.

What if My Car Isn’t in the Best Condition?
If you have a car that is only a few years old and is in excellent condition, an auto dealer will often offer you the best deal. However, a cash-for-cars company will often purchase cars that an auto dealer will not be interested in buying. These older cars may be sold for parts or reconditioned and resold to dealerships. Some cash-for-cars websites offer to buy cars sight unseen. These offers can be a great deal if your car will need a lot of reconditioning before being resold.

Take advantage of all the benefits that selling your car for cash will bring you.

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