How to Rent a Car

Whether you’re looking to rent a vehicle while on vacation or pick up a rental car for a long-distance journey, understanding car rental processes can save you time and money at the checkout counter.

  • Consider the type of vehicle you are looking to rent. While the convertible class of vehicles may appeal, convertibles are often more expensive in resort areas or those with heavy business travel.
  • Try to book online when available. Online discounts are often far better than walk-up rates at rental counters, even when booked on the same day. You can also avoid many auto-rental fees by booking at off-airport locations that offer shuttle service.
  • Bring your photo ID and proof of insurance. Many agencies offering rental cars also offer additional coverage, but often only at fairly high rates. You may also have rental coverage through your credit card company if you use the card to secure your reservation.
  • Age limits and additional fees typically apply for truck rental and van rental. City or state jurisdictions may also impose fees on drivers under the age of 25.

Rental agencies offer a variety of deals throughout the year. Keep an eye on your reservation, especially if it was booked online. Discounts may be retroactively applied if you call the rental agency and re-book your local car rental company.

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