What Is the Best Time of the Year to Buy a New Car?

New cars come with a host of advantages, including factory warranties from car dealerships and the feel of having some of the latest designs at your fingertips. You can save a lot of money, however, by choosing the best time to buy your new vehicle.

  • Consider buying a car later in the year if you’re looking for a current-year model. Many manufacturers release the next year’s model in the fall of the previous year, and auto dealership incentives for the current year’s models increase during this roll-out period.
  • Buy a car in the early spring if you’re looking for deals on the hottest new cars to hit the market. Even though new models are released in the fall, automotive dealers often have old stock of existing inventory to move and incentives tend to focus on those products. In the spring, heavy promotion of the newer models takes the forefront.
  • Watch for special promotions throughout the year. Many dealers offer special promotions during their down seasons that allow you to trade in your used car for a greater price than normal or provide additional discounts. Purchasing during these times can save you even more money than during traditional incentive periods.

Keeping an eye on deals at car dealerships throughout the year helps you find the vehicle you desire at a great price, but these specific periods are likely to be filled with excellent deals.

For more information on purchasing your new car, check out one of these auto dealerships near you.

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