Stop …. Read This …… Brake Maintenance Tips

As you are coming to a stop in your vehicle, does your car stop right as you tap your brakes or do you have to plan for a stop feet in advance?

Do your brakes squeak as your put all of your weight on to the pedal to stop?

If your brakes are making noise or you have to press down hard and early to stop, it is time to get your brakes looked at by a professional auto repair mechanic.  While modern brakes mean total brake failure is rare; faulty brakes are still one of the top causes of accidents in the United States, but too often we don’t heed the warning signs …..

There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your brakes, with some solutions being quick fixes and others being a bit lengthier. If you are hearing a loud, high pitched screeching sound, it is likely that you need to replace your brake pads. Brake pads wear down after a while so it is important to make sure that the pads are in proper working quality.

There is an exception to this screeching noise and that is if you hear it after the car has been sitting in a rain storm or going through deep puddles. When your pedal needs to be pushed all the way to the floor or your car is not stopping right when you apply your brakes, you may have a leak in the system.

Either way driving around a car with ineffective brakes is dangerous for you and for others on the road. Do not wait any longer to visit your trusty, reliable auto repair shop!

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