Signs That Your Transmission is Failing

Automobiles are complex mechanical systems that require constant maintenance and occasional repair. You can avoid costly auto repair bills by taking some time to understand the way your car works and learn how to identify the first signs of car trouble.

Transmission repair is one of the most expensive automotive repair services offered by an auto repair shop. Transmissions convey the power output from car engines to wheels, controlling speed and torque. If the transmission in your car fails, you will not be able to drive it at all.

Many parts of your car’s operating system, such as the tires and muffler, provide audio and visual clues when there are problems that need your attention. Faulty transmissions also provide clues to problems before the system fails completely. Early recognition of a transmission problem makes it more likely that it can be fixed without needing to install a new or rebuilt transmission. Keep an eye out for the following signs of transmission trouble:

  1. Leaking transmission fluid
  2. Illuminated check engine light
  3. Shifting roughly between gears
  4. Skipping shifts
  5. Making unusual sounds, such as clicking, knocking, whistling, or clanking, when shifting gears
  6. Pressing the gas pedal does not make the car move or go faster
  7. Popping out of gear
  8. Grinding gears
  9. Failing to shift into reverse
  10. Emitting a burning smell from under the car or hood

These signs do not point exclusively to a transmission problem, and cars with different types of transmission systems may exhibit different signs. It is important to start preventive automotive service at the first indication of trouble by consulting a trustworthy auto repair expert who can determine whether the problem is with the transmission or some other part of the car.


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