Rebuilt vs. New Transmissions

Transmission repair or replacement is a significant auto repair job and usually costs thousands of dollars. If your car needs a transmission, you can choose to either get a new one or one that has been rebuilt.

Rebuilt Transmission

A rebuilt transmission is just what it sounds like, a transmission that has been disassembled and rebuilt using new parts. When done correctly, a rebuilt transmission can operate and last longer than a new transmission. Consult with your local auto repair shop to see what is best for your car.

New Transmission

It may seem like it would make more sense to get a new transmission from the manufacturer. In addition to costing more, new transmissions are not always built with the highest quality parts. However, new transmissions usually have better warranties than rebuilt ones, which can save you a significant amount of money.

When deciding whether to get a new or rebuilt transmission, consider your finances and your goals for the vehicle. In general, rebuilt transmissions are cheaper than new. Additionally, if you are trying to build a performance machine, you can have the auto repair shop rebuild the transmission to your specifications. Whatever you decide, always work with an auto repair company you trust.

For questions or to schedule your next repair, contact one of these auto repair companies near you.

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