When to Buy Used vs New Auto Parts

Buying Auto Parts Can get expensive and it may be tempting to buy used auto parts.  According to Auto Parts experts some auto parts are ok to buy used, but in many cases only new auto parts are advisable.  Used auto parts can be a lifesaver, but you have to be careful when shopping for used Auto Parts.   Follow these basic guidelines before making your decision.

Know What You Need – If it is possible, it is best to bring the used part with you to the Auto Parts supplier, but if that is not possible, take a picture and be certain to include as many details about the part you are looking for.  Include the year/make/model of your vehicle.  As well as the symptoms of the original problem that suggests you need to replace a part.

Ask Questions – Don’t be shy about asking questions.  Ask where the part came from, how long they have had it in the shop or yard?  Ask how long the supplier has been in business and if they belong to any associations or could provide references.

Only Buy Parts that are Returnable -  No matter how many questions you ask or how careful you have chosen your auto part, be certain that the auto parts store allows for returns and exchanges.

Make Sure the Buying Used is Right – Not all parts should be purchased used and while a reputable auto parts dealer would never sell you these parts, it is always best to be armed with knowledge before buying a part.

We have put together a quick reference of parts that CAN be purchased used and parts that should NEVER be purchased used.  While the list is not comprehensive

OK to Buy Used

air box                                                    body panels                                                   bumpers
carburetors (to rebuild)                 cigarette lighter                                           coolant reservoir
cooling fan, belt driven                  door lock actuators                                    exhaust heat shield
exhaust manifold                              exhaust pipes                                                fuel tank
gas cap                                                   grills                                                                  hub caps
intake manifold                                  interior trim                                                  jack
lug nuts                                                 oil pan                                                              power window motor
pulleys                                                  rear view mirrors                                        seats
steering wheel                                   stereo system                                                sunroof motor
tail lights                                              throttle body                                                 tie rods
turn signal lenses                             vacuum lines                                                 vacuum reservoir
valve cover                                        wheels                                                              window glass
windows                                              windshield washer pump                         wiper arm

 NEVER Buy Used

air bags & air filter                            airbag sensors                                           ball joints
battery                                                  bearings                                                        brake discs/rotors
brake light switch                             brake pads                                                   rake shoes
catalytic converter                         clutch disc                                                    cooling fan switch
cylinder sleeves                               distributor caps                                         engine bearings
fuel lines                                              fuses                                                                gaskets
head studs                                          headlights                                                     ignition coil
ignition condenser                         ignition points                                            MAF
muffler                                                 muffler hangers                                          oil filter
oil pressure switches sensors   piston rings                                                  radiator hoses
rotor                                                   shifter bushings                                          shock absorbers
spark plug wires                             spark plugs                                                   strut bearings
strut inserts                                     thermostat                                                   timing belt
timing chain                                     tires                                                                valves
voltage regulator                           water pump                                                 wheel bearings
wheel cylinders

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