Types of Window Tinting

Auto glass tinting is a great way to reduce the interior heat of your car during the summer months. Currently, there are five types of window tinting films available.

  • 1. Colored or dyed films are the most popular type of films used to tint automobile glass. This type of film absorbs the sun’s heat, rather than deflecting it.
  • 2. Metalized films are created by taking a polyester base and embedding it with different metals. Aluminum, copper, and nickel are the most common types of metals used. Metalized films work by deflecting the sun to keep the interior of your car cooler in the summer. This type of glass film can also help your car retain interior heat, which can be helpful in the winter months.
  • 3. Hybrid films combine the properties of dyed and metalized films. Due to the combination of reflective metal and colored film, hybrid films are lighter in color than either metalized or dyed films.
  • 4. Deposited films are similar to metalized films. Both films use metals to deflect the sun’s energy, but deposited films typically use only aluminum, nickel, or related metals. Therefore, your color choices are limited.
  • 5. Ceramic films are the newest types of windshield glass films. They use nanotechnology to create a strengthened film that reduces shattering.

If you are interested in tinting your car’s windows, try calling a local business that specializes in automobile glass repair and tinting. Most auto glass repair shops also tint windows, so don’t be afraid to call these businesses and ask if they offer auto window tinting.

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