How to Clean and Repair Leather Car Seats

Everyone remembers the smell of their brand new car, but what happens when your kids or pets or adult guests ruin your leather seats either by ripping, cracking or staining them. When leather is cared for, it can last for many years because of its durability.

One simple solution to repairing leather is with a leather repair patch kit, like the ones sold by 3M or Leather Magic. You must make sure that the kit matches the color of your leather before going to work.

If there is just some wear and tear on your leather, you can use a replenishing and moisturizing lotion to make them look close to new again. These products can be found at your local auto parts store. Ask a customer representative at the store for suggestions and you will likely leave satisfied.

However, if the punctures or holes are larger than an inch and a half to two inches, you may need to completely replace the leather. Most auto body shops that offer a variety of auto parts will have the leather needed to do the replacements or they may even offer the service themselves.

If you purchase a car with leather seats, you should take time to properly maintain the well-being of the seats by moisturizing them regularly. Keeping your seats clean and moisturized will keep them looking new longer!

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