Auto Detailing Basics from a Pro

Remember when you purchased your brand new car how beautiful it looked and how great it smelled? Well you can make it look and smell brand new all over again by detailing your car! Armor All makes exceptional quality products for cleaning your vehicle inside and out.

When detailing your car, it is a great idea to start with the interior. To clean the interior you are going to need a good vacuum and some carpet cleaning supplies. First you should remove the floor mats and any debris or belongings that can easily be picked up.

Start by cleaning the hard surfaces of the vehicle. Gently go over all of the surfaces first with a dust cloth. Then you should cleanse the surfaces. You can either use pre-dampened wipes or a cleaning spray with a soft rag.

Now you can move on to vacuuming! Vacuum the floor mats and all carpeted areas of the vehicle making sure to remove all dirt and particles. Be sure to move the seats all the way forward and backward to get the dirt from under them! Now use a foaming carpet cleaning product to saturate any stains. Follow the instructions on the product to get the desired results. If you have leather seats, use a leather cleaning product to return their shine!

Don’t forget to clean your windows!

Now it is time to make your car shine! Cleaning the exterior requires access to water so be sure you are somewhere with a hose or at a car wash station. You should use a new rag for each area that you clean.

Start by cleaning the wheels, both the rubber and the rims. Use a soapy solution to make sure all of the dirt and grime comes off. Once you have cleaned the wheels, you can move on to washing the entire exterior of the car. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the car so that no soap remains. After you have rinsed it, carefully dry your car to avoid streaks and water marks. Once you have finished drying it, it is recommended that you wax it.

Now step back and look at how beautiful your car looks! You should detail your car every couple of weeks to make sure it is in tip top condition.

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