How To Paint Your Own Car

By painting your car yourself, you can save hundreds of dollars and still have a car that looks like it was painted at an auto body shop. Prepare your car for painting by placing protective sheets of plastic or other materials over all of the glass and any other areas you do not want painted. Use painter’s tape to secure the protective material, so you can remove it easily once finished.

Sand the surface with rough-grain sandpaper, so the auto paint will adhere. Apply a thin coat of body filler to any areas where the surface is uneven. Use a paint scraper to smooth the filler into a thin, even layer. Sand the surface of the body filler gently to create enough of a rough surface for the paint to adhere. Do not create ridges in the surface; the goal is a smooth, even surface for a clean, glossy paint finish.

Place your car in a spray booth, and make sure there is sufficient ventilation in the area. You may want to consider wearing a jumper to protect your clothes, as well as a respirator mask to protect your lungs from the paint. Add the primer to your paint sprayer and apply it to the car in thin, even coats. Let the primer dry for the length of time recommended by the manufacturer of the paint.

Clean out the sprayer after you complete the primer coat. Fill the sprayer with the color coat you prefer, and apply the color coat in a thin, even layer as you did with the primer. Once the first application dries, repeat the process. Allow each coat to cure before you apply an additional one.

Once the car is covered completely, apply two to three layers of clear coat in the same manner. Let the clear coat dry thoroughly before you remove the painter’s tape to prevent damages to your auto body work. Your auto restoration process is complete once the clear coat has set.

If you have any further questions or concerns about painting your own car, call on an auto body expert in your area.

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