Dent Removal: How to Do It Yourself

You should opt for a do-it-yourself dent removal from your auto body if you have the right tools and knowledge for the job. In addition, this kind of repair is suggested if your car is relatively older because it will allow you to save money than when you seek the service of a mechanic. One important thing you should consider is the size of the dent, since it determines the kind of work you have to do.

Small Dents

Use a small hammer to pound a small fender dent. Target the center of the dent to prevent pounding any protrusion that might develop on the outer side. To get a better view of the dent on the lower side, elevate your vehicle using a jack. Hammer the dent with slight blows, and use the other hand to feel the dent from the opposite side.

Large Dents

Remove the fender first if you have to deal with large dents. To do this, detach all bolts that connect the fender to the vehicle. This may not be an easy job because you need to find that hidden bolt located somewhere in the auto body. If you cannot remove the fender easily, this indicates that not all bolts are removed yet. After pulling off the fender, use a heavier hammer to pound the dent. To prevent bulges on the other side, use a hard object to counter the force developed as you pound the dent.

Get the help you need with your dent removal project from an auto body expert near you.

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